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Five Free Motion Quilting Myths and How You Can Overcome Them!

My journey to free motion quilting was a long and winding one, peppered with a lot of obstacles, most of which were myths in my own head. I know I’m not alone in believing them. I thought it’s time we talk about them more openly and see if  we can't get rid of a few obstacles for some of you too.

Myth #1: You have to be a very experienced quilter (a.k.a. quilting for 20 years). 

Prior to discovering the online quilting community five years ago, the only quilters I knew who were great at free motion quilting were my senior by at least 10 years. Then I found Leah Day on YouTube when she was about 25. That woman’s got skillz! I said to myself, if she can do it, then surely I should be able to learn it before I retire.

Myth #2: You have to become good at piecing before you try free motion quilting. 

If you get really good at piecing, you may find that you become afraid of quilting your top because you don’t want to ruin it. Don’t wait! There’s no rule that you can’t build those skills a…

A New Favourite

Looking for a good quilty read? Try The Improv Handbook for Modern Quilters by Sherri Lynn Wood. I won it in a giveaway from The Quilting Edge (thanks Marianne!) about a month ago. I've read it from cover to cover. Every single word.

I love how Sherri Lynn organized the book with 'scores' rather than patterns. The scores fully embrace the spirit of improv quilting, giving you enough guidance without being too prescriptive. Genius!

I'm not a novice when it comes to improv and I've read a number of books on improv quilting, but I still learned so much from this one. Especially how to fix issues or problems, which I think is the most challenging part. If you are interested in improv quilting, this is the book to get.

And no, no one asked me to review the book and this isn't a sponsored post -- I just really like the book. I'm knee-deep in other projects right now, but there will be projects from this book in the future. Oh yes, there will be projects...

Have a …

Rainbow House - A Work in Progress

If you follow me on Instagram (@quiltmatters), you've probably seen my photos from our workshop with Lizzy House. I'll admit that I wasn't so keen on the Meadow Quilt pattern at first, but I love Lizzy's fabric. Don't get me wrong, her Meadow quilt is gorgeous, but it's not really my style.

I wanted to meet her and take a workshop with her though so when the Ottawa Modern Quilt Guild (thank you, Laura!) brought her in to teach her Meadow quilt workshop, I signed up right away. Boy was it worth it! I learned a couple of new things and I've started what I think will end up being one of my favourite quilts.

Look! Me and Lizzy and her beautiful Meadow quilt. :D

A couple of nights before the workshop, I did a fabric pull. Prints! Think there's enough Lizzy House fabric in here to earn me teacher's pet status or kickass?

My idea was to invert the design and see what it would look like if I made the stars/flowers with prints and do the background in greys.…

TGIFF! - Colour Pop Top

Welcome to TGIFF! I seem to be suffering from work-in-progress-itis. I'm making good progress on several projects, but nothing is close to being completely finished. Carsick and Bubbles for Malcolm are even halfway quilted.

I did finish my Colour Pop top though, just in time for TGIFF! Woo hoo! And also in time for International Left-Handers Day. Serendipitous. As a southpaw, I always appreciate a little asymmetry that leans to the left. ;)

Perhaps more interestingly, all prints. Not a solid to be found. It's all black and white and rainbow. And I love it. I still love my solids though.

These are combinations of 1.5", 2.5" and 8" triangles using the HexNMore ruler. I like big triangles and I cannot lie.

From one purple...

To the other.

The top finishes at 52" x 77". It's going to be a good-sized throw quilt.

Now that this one is off the design wall, I have space for my Meadow quilt that I started last weekend at a workshop with Lizzy House. More t…

Games People Play

I carry a sketchbook in my purse and have for about five years now. At first, it was so I could jot or draw ideas for quilts while I was out and about.

When you are a full-time parent of young kids, there is so little in your life that feels like it is yours and yours alone. Your body isn’t yours, your time isn’t yours, your space isn’t yours, your food isn’t yours. I bought the sketchbook so I could capture MY creativity and ideas on MY creative journey.

Ha ha. Yeah, you guessed it. I was wrong. It wasn’t long until MY sketchbook was pulled out in desperation to entertain one or more of my children. “What do you mean you are bored?! We just got here and we can’t leave now so find something to do. Okay, okay, do you want to draw in my sketchbook?”

At first I mourned it (okay, that’s a little dramatic, but you get the point). But then I saw what a treasure this was! Besides the 5-10 minutes of blessed peace and quiet it gave, it was also a place to capture their creativity as well as…

Bubbling With Ideas

I'm working away on little Malcolm's Bubbles quilt. The quilting is coming along. So far we have stitch in the ditch around the bubbles and some straight lines on the dark grey side:

Next, I'm mulling over what to do with the bubbles. Pulled out the trial quilting sheets and the dry erase markers and played with a variety of motifs:

Then, the tough part. That darn negative space in the lighter grey. There's a lot of it!

1) Straight lines like in the dark grey?

2) Echo the bubbles?

3) Swirls and pebbles?

4) Break up the space with 'clouds' of different motifs?

Another go at sectioning

Thoughts? Ideas? Opinions? Have a go!