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A Capital View

What with the crazy Spring we had in the Quilt Matters household and not knowing what would happen with my mom's treatment, we didn't plan a trip out East this summer and well, didn't plan anything for the summer really. When she finished her treatment and things were looking good though, we decided to take the kids to Washington DC for a few days and visit some friends.

It was our first plane trip with all three kids and they were awesome. We had such a fabulous time visiting with our friends and introducing the kids to the U.S. national capital. The days were packed with museums and other sightseeing adventures (e.g. kayaking on the Potomac). What a beautiful city!

I thought I'd share with you some of the inspiration I found along the way.

Fair warning -- this is a very photo-heavy post and you won't see the White House or many common landmarks in these photos.

Some golden spirals...



A hidden grotto on Capitol Hill...

Funky sewer grates.…

Going Fractal With AGF Stitched

Welcome to the Fractal Blog Hop hosted by the Fat Quarter Shop and sponsored by Art Gallery Fabrics! The Fat Quarter Shop provided the free Fractal Quilt pattern and a great video tutorial and Art Gallery Fabrics provided the eye candy. Oh, and the Fat Quarter Shop has a Fractal Quilt Kit too!

For my version of the quilt, I picked out fabrics from Frances Newcombe's Utopia line, from Katarina Roccella's Indelible line (Spirodraft Carbon), and from Katarina's Recollection line (Cuneiform Script Cast). It's not a great photo, but I love, love, love how these fabrics play together!

The Fractal Quilt Pattern uses Y seams. Yeah, I know what you are thinking because that's what I thought. Y seams? Usually, it's a no thank you, but the pattern looked so fun that I had to give it a try. Conquer my fear of Y seams, I must!
The pattern uses the Creative Grids Kites Plus template ruler. It was the first time I'd used that template ruler shape for making Y seams and I …

TGTTIF! - Bubbles

It may not be completely finished and it may look simple, but getting this top finished feels like a huge accomplishment -- so I'm celebrating Thank Goodness The Top Is Finished! Yeah, yeah, I know,  it's not really a true TGIFF!, but we had an unexpected opening in our TGIFF! host schedule this week, so you get me and you get this quilt top. :)

So where were we? Oh yes, way back last summer, I started a baby quilt for my friend's new baby. It was all going smoothly...until it wasn't.

Because it is a baby quilt and will be washed frequently, I had a few criteria for it. These aren't "rules" or anything, but they were my criteria for making this quilt:
The circle edges had to be clean, not raw.I didn't want to hand appliqué the circles down because it took too long (the irony of this is not lost on me, trust me) and doesn't wear well. I didn't want the edges of the circles to be satin stitched. I was going to use interfacing to get clean edges, …