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Luscious Columns - A Work in Progress

Monday night, I received the exciting news that Happy Canada Day, Eh! was selected for Quilt Canada 2014's National Juried Show, which will be held June 11-14, 2014 in St. Catharines, Ontario. I'm surprised I didn't wake the kids up with my shriek and crazy happy dance. ;D I. am. still. so. excited!

I got to go to Quilt Canada back in 2006 when it was in Ottawa and I was blown away by the gorgeous quilts in the National Juried Show. I remember wondering if I'd ever make a quilt that was good enough to be accepted. And now it's actually happened. Pinch me. I still can't believe it. Woo hoo!

Coming back down to earth was hard, but it was made a lot easier with the quilt top I'm sharing with you today.

After so much wonky with Scrap{Bee}2.0 and Purplelicious, I was ready for something more straightforward and simple. I pulled out a charm pack of Hello Luscious by Basic Grey that I've had in my collection for some time and some Kona Snow and got down to bus…


I taught my first free motion quilting workshop on Saturday for the Ottawa Valley Quilt Guild and it was so much fun. What a great group of students to work with! It was exhausting too though, and I think I was in bed by 10 that night and that was after falling asleep on the couch. LOL. Once again, I'm reminded how hard teaching is and how much I admire those who do it every day!

Lots to do and share this week, but for today, I'll share this block with you for Modern Block Monday. Chelsea in my Canadians Quilt Bee asked for this cross block (photo tutorial). Low volume prints for the back and red for the cross. I can't wait to see her pull all the blocks together -- they will look fabulous!

Hope you had a great weekend! What are you working on this week?

Oh, and I thought you might get a giggle out of this too:

Happy Monday, all!

TGIFF! - Purplelicious

Joy. That's what I feel when I look at this quilt and I've been looking at it a lot since I put it up a few days ago.

I just love purple, although it's not a colour I've been successful in decorating with in the past. Lesson learned: Do not paint a small room, which has little natural light and dark wood accents, eggplant purple -- it feels like it's always night. BUT, you can make a quilt with those colours and hang it on a light neutral wall. Much better. :)

This quilt has been a journey, hasn't it? We talked about it here and here and here.

I'm excited about this piece because it feels like all the colour, design and composition reading I've been doing over the past couple of years has come to fruition in something that didn't feel forced and that reflects me.

New to me in this piece - wonky edges and improv quilting. Okay, two wonky edges; let's not go crazy here. The sides are parallel.

The improv quilting was a challenge. I looked closely…

TGIFF! - Rainbow Beaver Mug Rug

Welcome to TGIFF!

One of our Beaver leaders is stepping down so I wanted to do something nice for her. Her Beaver Leader name is Rainbow and she loves my rainbow quilts so it was fitting that this mug rug include some rainbow, don't you think? Ann Kelle Bright Remix stripe coming right up!

I also wanted the kids to have a chance to sign it so she'd have a keepsake from her time with us. We had them sign their names on the back with fabric marker. Despite being supervised, one of the kids managed to sneak in writing 'poo'. Grrr! I'm thinking that it may be a perfect spot for some creative appliqué. LOL!

Hope Rainbow likes her rainbow beaver mug rug!

An InLinkz Link-up

A Purplelicious Top

I hope you aren't tired of purple yet, because I finished the Purplelicious top. Your comments seemed heavily weighed towards the dark colours and mixed colour border so...I decided to see what it would look like with a mixed dark purple border, but just two colours. I tried the Purple and Eggplant (Kona colours), but the Purple seemed too blue.

I finally settled on Eggplant and Hibiscus -- dark, but warmer:

Lots of partial seams for the final piecing. That and the bias edges from the improv piecing made me worried that this would be hard to keep flat, but it's looking okay so far. We'll see how it quilts. Fingers crossed!

I'm kind of liking these wonky edges. Something else to think about as I quilt this...

Hope you are having a great day!

Going Modern Scrappy Irish


Scrap{Bee} 2.0 - A Work in Progress

The last time you saw the Scrap{Bee} quilt top, it looked like this:

It was a fun, twin-sized improv scrappy quilt. I liked it, but I didn't love it. There was actually another block that I had taken out so that it could be a 3 by 5 block quilt and I was going to use the remaining block on the back. 
Shortly after my last post about the top, I decided to take it apart, add the remaining block and change it to a 4 by 4 block layout. And I added an improv pieced border. 
I love it now. Absolutely love it! Now I feel it does better justice to all the work my Don't Worry {Bee} Happy bee mates did on their blocks. 

It's now 93" square!

I really like the rainbow spectrum arrangement of red purple to blue purple. It worked well with 10 Years And Still Over the Rainbow so I tried it with this layout too. It just feels more balanced to me than red to purple and gets the lighter colour value of yellow more centred in the spectrum.

More gratuitous? photos:

I like rainbow. :)


Well That Was Unexpected

Thank you for the great feedback on Purplelicious! I really appreciate your input -- it's so helpful to get other people's perspectives. I'm still responding to your comments and that leads me to the reason for my gripping post title.

On Wednesday afternoon, our temperamental computer stopped cooperating altogether -- fried logic board, it turns out. Ugh! Decisions about the right shade of purple were replaced by decisions to replace logic board or the whole computer. Decisions about the right shade of purple are much cheaper and more enjoyable, I'll tell you that.

New computer won out. Yay! But we're still having problems with the WiFi. Boo! Router, now? Or the OS Maverick operating system? If the problems don't get sorted out soon, this computer may be going back so I'm trying not to get too attached. I definitely did not name it Gala. ;)

Anyways, enough of that. Some of you may remember that one of the blocks I made for my Modern Block Sampler was this S…