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Purplelicious - A Work In Progress

I promised you more purple and today you are going to get it! Remember the purple improv blocks from a few weeks ago?

I found some more purple scraps from Hard Core and added those into the soup. Some of the purples from Hard Core are warmer and I think that helps. Maybe? I think I have the blocks about where I'd like them and in a layout that I'm liking.

Now, I'm thinking about the border and considering these options:

1) Kona Purple:

2) Kona Eggplant:

3) Kona Tulip:

4) Kona Berry:

5) Kona Dark Violet:

6) Heritage Solids Magenta:

7) Mix of medium value purples:

Decisions, decisions! Which purple do you prefer?

I'm linking up to WIP Wednesday at The Needle and Thread Network and to W.i.P. Wednesday at Freshly Pieced. Thanks Monika and Lee for hosting such great linkies!

What are you working on this week?

Modern Block Monday/Stash Play - Sherbet Stars

I'm a part of an online Canadians Quilt {Bee} this year. I worked with most of these fabulous women in the Carmine Group of the Simply Solids Bee last year so I'm thrilled that we're going to keep going.

We're expanding into prints this year. Gulp! Having focused so much on solids the past few years, I find prints a little intimidating; I have a hard time seeing the 'true colour' of a print. Solids are way easier. But it's time to get out of my comfort zone, right?

Jaclyn asked for a star(s) block this month in this beautiful Frosted Heights palette from Design Seeds:

I had no idea what I wanted to do until I saw Dominique's fabulous wonky star block (tutorial). Wonky's good! I thought I'd try two stars in mine though.

I used the large blue floral from the Flea Market Fancy line for the centre of both stars because it had all the colours from the palette. It was a fun block to make and it reminded me of the Stash Plays I used to do.

I hope Jacly…

TGIFF! - Purple Radiant Orchid Madness

Happy Friday, all! I'm in a bit of a purple phase at the moment. Kind of à propos given Pantone's 2014 Color of the Year, eh?

Earlier this week, I showed you my little Mini Me block. Through the magic of the Internet, it's been transformed into this little pincushion.

Although it seemed mini compared to the 12.5" Diamond Ripples block on which it's based, doesn't it look big compared to this other selvage pincushion I finished this week?

But that's not really purple madness, M-R, you say. Okay, so how about these placemats made with the purple and lime green scraps from Carsick? Yay for using up more scraps!

I did some free motion matchstick quilting on these and I love the texture. Kind of looks woven, doesn't it?

My kids immediately claimed them, but I'm holding firm that one of them must be mine. Negotiations ensued and concessions made. Expect to see some more placemats in the near future. :)
Still not enough purple for you? Next week, my frien…

A Kick at the Can

I'm a big fan of Angela Walters and her amazing quilting. While I have no plans of getting a long arm quilting machine anytime soon, I've been wanting to try one for some time now. Last Tuesday, I had the opportunity to take a long arm quilting class with Jan Kittle at her store The Pickle Dish in Carleton Place. So. Much. Fun!

I had so many questions going in -- How do you load a quilt on a long arm machine? How do you do borders? How easily do the free motion skills I've built using my domestic machine translate to the long arm? How do pantographs work? How do you…? And I wonder where my eldest gets his inquisitiveness! ;) All my questions were answered and more in the class.

Long arm machines seem so big and intimidating, but they aren't! This is the one we were using. Anyone else have that HQ Avanté commercial from Pat Sloan's radio show permanently etched in their brain?!

This is the view from the side of the machine. The design on the paper is a pantograph an…

Modern Block Monday - Mini Me

Remember this Diamond Ripples block?

And this Follow The Leader one?

Well, I used the triangle cut offs to make this wee block:

Looks more a little more wee beside the 12.5" Diamond Ripple:

The seams don't all meet, but I'm okay with that. I think these are the smallest pieces I've worked with so far. Unfinished, it's 5.5". I think it's going to be a pincushion. I've been needing one near my iron.

That's one little set of scraps used up! :)

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An Exercise in Value and Worth

As I mentioned before, I found Josh @ Molli Sparkles discussion of commissioned work last month very interesting and I pursued his link to Sam Hunter's We Are $ew Worth It posts. As I was in the process of starting a commission for a friend at the time, I thought I'd track everything to see what I might charge if I was prepared to do commissions as a business.

Now, this is not what I charged my friend nor what I expected to receive for this project, this is just an exercise.

Hands Hands Fingers Thumbs is the quilt we're discussing here. It is 55" by 70", a generous throw-sized quilt. It uses mostly solids, which cost less than prints. Because this is a fully custom design (drawings were made and discussed with the client) and a double sided quilt, I did put in a design fee. The minimum wage in Ontario, where I live, is $10.25. And because this is a business exercise, I put in a profit margin. 
I have to say that this was a rather eye opening experience and made me…

Wrapping It Up and Moving Forward

Ever feel like you are about two weeks behind? That's how I'm feeling on the quilting front, mostly because I haven't done a 2013 wrap up or done my goals for 2014 and our computer's WiFi connection is giving me such problems that doing pretty much anything online through the WiFi is crazy making. I'm connected via Ethernet at the moment -- bliss!

I know neither a wrap up or a goal-setting post is really necessary, but they help give me direction. At the beginning of last year, I set out some BHAGs (Big, Hairy, Audacious Goals). If you'll indulge me a little, let's review 2013 and then set some goals for 2014. :)

2013 Wrap Up - The Year I Became a Hard Core Quilter When I was forecasting my quilting year last year, I certainly did not foresee that I'd learn how to quilt with a broken wrist. It stopped me from quilting for about 10 days, until I took Elaine Quehl's class. I still remember that goofy excitement when I realized I could do the techniqu…

Modern Blocks Monday - Improv

I hope you had a fabulous weekend! My modern free motion quilting sampler workshop got postponed Saturday due to freezing rain. :( While I was a little disappointed at first, it was a good call. I took my son to hockey a little later that morning and was thankful that I was just bringing him to the arena nearby. Why wasn't hockey cancelled too, you ask? Hockey never gets cancelled, 'cause we're Canadian, and it would be un-Canadian of us to cancel hockey. ;) Yeah, I don't buy it either. The good news is that we were able to find another date next month that would work for the workshop. Yay!

Inspired by the work of Maria Elkins, Jean Wells, and Marianne @ The Quilting Edge, I've been wanting to do more improv and work with more complex colour palettes, so I pulled out a pile of solid scraps in the blue, purple, grey and lime greens. I started with the grey, white and black scrap pieces leftover from my laptop tutorial with Sew Sisters Quilt Shop and began building i…

TGIFF! - A Stitch in Time

Welcome TGIFFers! I'm going to milk my first finish of 2014 -- A Stitch in Time -- a little longer because, well, prepping these quilt block sandwiches has been taking up all of my extra time this week.

These blocks are for a free motion quilting workshop I'm teaching with the Ottawa Valley Quilt Guild on Saturday. Can't wait!

I won't repeat what I said about A Stitch in Time on Wednesday. I was going for a crop circle look with the quilting, which I forgot to mention earlier this week.

And that's pretty much all I've got!

Wake Up to Kona - A Stitch in Time

Those who follow me regularly know that I'm a devoted solid lover. Love, love, love my solids. And ever since I found Kona, I haven't used much else. A Kona colour card even topped my Christmas wish list this year. I should own stock. Hmm...

When I saw this Wake Up to Kona blog hop with the Sew We Quilt gang, I was all over it! Thanks to Carol and Madame Samm for organizing another great blog hop.

For my Kona blog hop piece, I used Kona White for the background and Charcoal, Steel, Iron and Ash, as well as a myriad of scraps for the colour bars. My camera was on its last legs so the colours are a little off -- sorry!

The quilting is the style I learned from the amazing Heather Lair and uses Aurifil white #2021 with purple #1240 for accents. I just love the added layer of design and texture that this style gives a wallhanging.

The colour bars made me think of the weights in the beautiful antique grandfather clock my grandmother passed along to me. That combined with the quilti…