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TGIFF! - Hexed

It's a little early for TGIFF!, but it's Halloween here so I'll be a little busy later trick or treating with the kids in the pouring rain. Fun! Fun! Fun! Also, there's been a little change in the schedule again so I'm hosting this week and Laura will host next week.

I hope those who've been by this week already will forgive me for sharing Hexed for this week's TGIFF! It took so much time and effort that I'm going to milk this finish a little longer. 
This won't be a repeat of Tuesday's post though. I'll share a few process things instead.
Some of you might remember this little teaser sketch from a few weeks ago:

This is how it turned out: 
That purple iris? Fussy cut from a scrap of 1001 Peeps Scheherazzade fabric. I can't believe I forgot the freckles though. May have to add them in...

And then there was the cauldron dilemma. I used the same process to get the 'photo' effect as I did with Cheeky Pumpkin (tutorial here). Attempt…


Psst! Ready for some more Wicked fun? Come and sit for a spell...or two... 

Welcome to my stop on the Wicked Blog Hop! The tour started last week and runs until tomorrow. So much Wicked fun!

If you are new to my blog, welcome! I have an eclectic assortment of finished quilts and projects on the go at any given time and I love to try new techniques. I also co-organize TGIFF!, a fun, touring finish linky party with Laura of Quokka Quilts. We are celebrating our second anniversary this month with OctoberQuest 2, where participants get a chance to win one of five gift certificates to Mad About Patchwork, Sew Sisters and Christa Quilts -- only two days left to link up and be eligible for the prizes!

If you came by my blog last year during the Wicked Blog Hop, you may remember my Cheeky Pumpkin block. I hadn't done anything with my lonely little pumpkin so I decided to incorporate it into a Halloween wallhanging for our kitchen. I call it Hexed. :)

It feels like I incorporated just abou…

Bright Stripes - Blogger's Quilt Festival

Ah, one of my favourite times of the year -- the Blogger's Quilt Festival! It's a great way to explore the fabulous quilty eye candy out there in the blogosphere!

I'm sharing Bright Stripes for this festival. People have asked me if I pieced the squares ie. the white and colour stripes. Whoa! No way! That's Anne Kelle's Bright Remix stripes by Robert Kaufman.

For those who are here for the first time, this is my test of my Falling for Stripes pattern (coming soon).

This is quilted on my domestic machine with white 50 wt. Aurifil thread (#2024) with spirals, a small double line around the outer spirals and then straight lines.

The spirals were started with free motion quilting, but then I switched to my walking foot so that I'd get more even and uniformly-spaced spirals. I'd seen this on someone else's blog, but now I can't remember who it was. Sorry! One lesson learned was to do at least 10 turns of the spiral to make the centre free motion spiral …

Double, Double Toil and Trouble

Double toil and trouble is right! I'm working on my Halloween wallhanging for the Wicked Blog Hop, witch has started! Today's fun line up of participants is:

Grammie Q's Stitchin By The Lake Quilted Delights Buzzing and Bumbling Vroomans Quilts Life in the Scrapatch The Quilted Cat Meadowbrook Patchouli Moon Studio The Nosy Pepper Sew Incredibly Crazy

My day is not until the 30th, witch is a good thing because I'm stuck on one section. The cauldron section.

First I did this one:

But something didn't seem right, so I made this one:

Now this one doesn't feel right either. Feels a little flat? I'm leaning towards the first one cauldron, but redoing the potion. Thoughts? Suggestions? Spells I could cast to make one of them work so they don't revoke my witch license?

Quilt Matters Bundle Winner

You guys have great ideas on what to do with this bundle! Love it!

The winner of the Quilt Matters curated bundle from Mad About Patchwork is:

67. juceyj0315 October 2013 14:00
I follow Pam's blog via bloglovin as well!
Congratulations Jessica!

Love the fabrics? You can order this curated Quilt Matters bundle from Mad About Patchwork yourself. It includes:
Nordika Stellar in MoonlightRemix Ovals in Grey Pearl Bracelet in Glacier Square Elements in Shadow Pearl Bracelet in Hi Ho Silver Remix Ovals in Aqua Sketch in Aqua Domino Dot in Lagoon 

Modern Block Monday - The Tula Effect

Happy Monday! This is the last day of the Aqua and Grey Goodness giveaway by Mad About Patchwork, so if you haven't had a chance to enter, you can do so here. Winner will be announced tomorrow!

I'm working away on my Wicked Blog Hop piece and I'm loving most of it, but one area is giving me issues. To distract myself a little, I thought I'd get a quick finish fix with this:

Yes, that's Tula Pink's City Sampler 100 Modern Quilt Blocks. Each block finishes at 6", which I think will be fun to double them up so they can go with my blocks from 99 Modern Blocks, which finish at 12". Sweet! This was a fun, quick block and I'm looking forward to doing more.

Other blocks in this Modern Block Monday series are: ConfettiLucky PiecesModern Butterfly BlockHow Many Squares?Pinball MachineIt's a StretchPogo StickEverything EqualWoven BlockAlleywaysBoxed InScrappy AsteriskHiggledy-PiggledyBinaryPebble BeachParisian StarOn The Fence - ModifiedSew Mama Sew'…

TGIFF! - Lunch Anyone?

Surprise! We've had a change of plans so TGIFF! is over here again this week. My finish this week also has something to do with a surprise. It's another version of Ayumi's lunch bag! I just love this pattern. I did a similar one back in June and liked the fabric pairings so much that I had to make another one when I needed a gift for a friend's 40th surprise birthday party. The party and the gift were well received! Phew! :)

Now for OctoberQuest 2! Please make sure you READ the rules BEFORE you link up. We had to unlink several folks last week and I'd rather not have to do it this week!

Your quest is to finish up those quilty projects and link up at any of our fab four hosts throughout the month of October. The rules remain the same as last year:
Your quilty project must be completely finished (As much as we love celebrating quilt tops or completed blocks, they will not be eligible for the prizes so we will need to unlink them).You may enter more than one finish a…

Works in Progress Wednesday - The Turkey Haze Edition

If you haven't had a chance to enter the Aqua and Grey Goodness giveaway from Mad About Patchwork, check it out here.


It's been 6 weeks (?!) since I last did a WIP report. What? It must be the tryptophan that is giving me the courage to look at the WIP list again. Nasty! I'm hoping to complete some of these WIPs for OctoberQuest 2 so wish me luck!

New Projects:

Wicked Blog Hop: The Wicked Blog Hop with Sew We Quilt is coming up soon and I've been working away on my project. I'm hoping to incorporate my block from last year somehow. Here's a photo of where I'm at right now. It's ambitious and going to be a stretch for me. Fingers crossed!

Completed Projects:

Asterisk Christmas Table Runner - Two years on the WIP list and it's finally done...and reversible! Woo hoo!

Bright Stripes: Done, blogged, but still working on the pattern.

Rainbow Bright: My version of the Something New Sampler. Woo hoo!
Simply Solids Bee

The October Bee block for is for Pam.