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Colour My World Yellow

Happy Monday, all! As I mentioned last week, I was finding this month a challenge. Upon reflection, I don't think it was so much the colour yellow that I was struggling with, but more what I wanted to do with it. Once I got going though, there was no stopping!

I've been wanting to try some of the techniques that Gloria Loughman shares in her book Quilted Symphony. This is definitely a book I'd recommend. Lots of ideas and techniques to make your own, as well as great eye candy quilts. That woman is one talented quilter!

One thing I don't think I've shared is that I'm trying to use fabrics from my stash for these monthly challenges. As I hadn't tried Gloria's techniques before, I wasn't sure how all the different fabrics would look layered together. Would there be enough contrast? Too much contrast? As I sat staring at my yellow stash, afraid of picking the wrong values or shades or tints or whatever of yellow, I finally just let go and kind of gave …

Red and Cream Amish Wedding Quilt - A Work in Progress

Not quite sure how I scored an afternoon to myself on the weekend, but I'll take it! This is my sister and brother-in-law's wedding gift. It is the only outstanding quilt present that I owe now, thankfully. As my sister has made a couple quilts herself now, she is super understanding. Yay for awesome sisters! It's coming, sis, I swear it's coming!

This quilt is the same Quiltmaker pattern as my 10 Years and Still Over the Rainbow quilt. What a difference, eh? Because the rings and stars are so colourful in this one, I never found the need to quilt in the centre black blocks beyond one echo of rainbow coloured thread.

The red and cream wedding ring quilt is another story. If something stays on my On hold list for a while, it's because I was/am stumped about some aspect of it. For a lot of them, it's my skill level. For others, it's that something isn't working well with it, whether it's the colours, the values, etc.

Can you see what problem I was ha…

TGIFF! - Night Flowers

Yay, my modern mini quilt series (don't I sound all artist-like saying 'series'?) is done! And it's even already hanging in my sewing room! A little TGIFF! gig going on over here. :)

I finished the black one, Night Flowers, this week. Of all the minis, this is the colour palette I'm most comfortable with. This one features yellow, purple, orange and red on a black background.

For the quilting, I had originally planned to do horizontal straight-line stitching (Semaphore has vertical straight-line stitching), but decided to try a corner around the blocks and then just echo that outwards and inwards.

It looks okay, but I find the vertical part of the quilting is more dominant, which makes it look very similar to Semaphore (the white one). I wish I had stuck to my original plan, but I'm not unhappy enough to rip out the stitches that's for sure!

Like the others in the series, this finishes at 12" by 28".

Speaking of the others, here they all are hangi…

Works in Progress Wednesday - April 25, 2012

Busy, fun week and lots to share (yay for hockey playoffs)!

New Projects:  Colour My World Yellow challenge: I didn't think it was possible, but I'm finding yellow a bigger challenge than black. It wasn't until last night that I made myself sit down and sketch out something. I wanted to do something à la Gloria Loughman's Quilted Symphony. I've had the book for over a year and love it, but have been too chicken to actually try it. Well, I think a 14.5" unfinished block/mini quilt is the perfect opportunity, right? Right! Here's a close up of the centre...we'll see if it turns out like this or morphs into something else in the making.

The end of the month is coming up fast so this will be the priority now. The linky party will go up on Monday for those of you participating. 
Completed Projects:  Spring Pebbles (Cream modern mini quilt) - Done! Current Projects: Modern Block Monday Sampler - I think this one is my favourite so far. It's the Diamond Ripples

Business in the Front, Party in the Back?

A few weeks ago, I shared the EQ design of a Hudson's Bay point blanket quilt that I wanted to make.

Originally, I was thinking about having the quilt be the same on the back as the front, but then I worried about trying to line up the stripes correctly for the tight horizontal straight line quilting I wanted to do. 
So then I played around with the idea of making the back like this on the vertical and changing up the order of the colours: 

I really want to do horizontal straight line quilting in cream and the stripe colours, but I'm now thinking that it would look funny on the vertical stripes if I did this back. Plus, I might get pops of the stripe colour thread through on the back.

Hmmm, any thoughts?

Modern Block Monday - Diamond Ripples

Holy freaking WOO HOO do I love this block! I feel like the girl in this video, only I'm saying, "I like the purples, I like the layout, I like the triangles, I like the yellows, I like the black background..."

This is Lara Finlayson's Diamond Ripples from 99 Modern Blocks, compiled by Susanne Woods. Lara did her block in some beautiful modern prints with a white background. Here is mine:

I had to do some stitch ripping and not all of the seams fit perfectly, but most do so I'm pretty happy with that. Yay!

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Happy (snowy) Monday, all! At least for those in the Ottawa area. Snow?! I knew we weren't done with winter yet. ;)