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What's a Summer Fair Without an Amish Rainbow Wedding Ring Quilt and Blueberry Crumble Cake?

Welcome! When I saw AnneMarie's post about hosting an online Summer Fair, I thought it was a great idea.
I love fairs. When I was a kid, we'd always go to the Markham Fair, just north of Toronto. It was one of those traditional fairs -- livestock competitions, quilt competitions, great food (mmm, fudge and cotton candy), games and tons of neat toys to buy (or win). One of my fondest memories is buying my own Rubik's Cube at the fair. Instead of the stickers, it had plastic tabs so you couldn't cheat. I never solved it the darned thing, but I played with it constantly. We always had a great time at the fair and looked forward to it each year.

10 Years and Still Over the Rainbow
I'll start with my quilt entry. This is my Amish Wedding Ring quilt, which I call 10 Years and Still Over the Rainbow. It's a replacement wedding gift quilt for my husband because the quilt I had originally designed and planned on making for our wedding was just not working.

This quilt i…

Works in Progress #11

Busy, busy week! Birthdays, visitors, and lots of summer fun, with a little quilting thrown in. What more could you ask for? My sister and niece arrived yesterday for a visit. It's so good to hang out with them. My sister brought along her second quilt that I am helping her finish up. It's Japanese fabric that she purchased through Kallisti Quilts and it will be a reversible quilt. She did all of the squares by hand -- beautiful work! It's a very cool technique, but she forgot to bring the pattern with her so I don't know what it is. I'll try to get more photos once it is complete.

New Projects: Holding fast on no new projects. 

Completed Projects: Nada

Current Projects: Bottled Rainbows (2) - We are so close! The mosaics are done for 30 of the 32 blocks. Woo hoo! Of those, I only have one left to zigzag stitch. I've also started free motion quilting the squares. Four done so far.

Unfortunately, I don't think that I'll get these quilts together before we …

Happy Birthday Wallhanging

Happy Monday! Micah turned two on Friday (Sigh!). Even though it was a low-key birthday, we ended up celebrating his birthday twice and will celebrate it a third time next week when we meet up with my in-laws in Nova Scotia. He seemed delighted with all the attention, gifts and cake -- especially the cake!

Here's a photo of my little birthday monkey with his older brother Daniel:
 And since I had it out, I thought I'd take a few photos of our Happy Birthday/Bonne Fête wallhanging that I made last year. When I found this Happy Birthday fabric a few years ago, I instantly knew what I wanted to do with it (love it when that happens!).

The letters and balloons are machine appliquéd with a blanket stitch and a thin satin stitch, respectively. The strings for the balloons are free motion quilted and the border is stipple quilted. We put it up for all of our birthdays now.

I have some more of the birthday fabric so I'm hoping to make another one -- this time I'll make the…

Proud to be GenX and I've Got the T-shirt to Prove It

AnneMarie from one of my favourite blogs, GenXquilters, recently had a giveaway to celebrate her blogiversary. Guess who won? Lil' ole me. Woo hoo!

And my prize package has arrived!

As you can see, I'm already proudly wearing my t-shirt. One of my friends saw the t-shirt and laughed (there may have been a little eye-rolling, but all in good fun), "You even have a t-shirt now?" Yeppers!

And check out these beautiful fat quarters that AnneMarie sent. Summer fun!

So thank you very much, AnneMarie! And if there are any other giveaways you'd like to send my way, I'd love them. ;)

Works in Progress #10

Wow! I've hit double digits in my WIP reports. Thank you to Lee for hosting Works in Progress Wednesday! Since school's let out, it's become a little ritual for me to post my progress in the morning and then sip (okay, guzzle!) a glass of wine at the end of the day (once the munchkins are asleep) while browsing all of the great works in progress through Lee's Freshly Pieced. Wednesday is becoming one of my favorite days of the week. So here's the 4-1-1 for me for this week. Oh, and the air conditioning has kicked in properly so I'm much less cranky this week. ;)

New Projects: After a brief break last week, willpower has held fast this week. Wait, does purchasing and planning for next projects count? No? Phew! There has been no cutting, I swear!

Completed Projects: No, but I'm so close that I can taste it!

Current Projects: Bottled Rainbows (2) - I'm a woman on a mission! The boys are doing great. Interest is still strong to start, but I sense a disturbance …

New Favourite Tool - Trial Quilting Sheets

A few weeks ago, Lynette from What a Hoot! had a post about using what she calls "Trial Sheets" to test out quilting patterns on your quilts. I always have a hard time visualizing what the quilting is going to look like on the quilt so when I saw her tool, I felt like yelling, "Eureka!" (I didn't though ;) ). Well, I tried it out myself with Project Y and I love it!
So here's what I did. I picked two of the thinest and cheapest acrylic sheets there were at Home Depot - one 11" by 14" and one 24" by 48". I may go and get a larger size down the road, but I think these will do just fine for now. Lynette bought some of those nice duct tapes to 'bind' her acrylic sheets (so the edges don't snag the quilt). She then cut the duct tape lengthwise down the middle so that it made a thin binding around the edge of the acrylic sheets. When I went into our workshop to get our duct tape though, I saw that we had some fun yellow electrical …

Works in Progress #9

My, oh, my, Wednesday again! It is hot and steamy here, which is definitely dampening my desire to spend a ton of time in my quilt studio.

New Projects: Willpower broke this week. I needed a hostess gift so thesse mug rugs were the result. At least they were small, right?

Completed Projects: Mug Rugs  :)
Current Projects: Bottled Rainbows (2) - Still going strong! We have 20 of the 32 mosaics done. Yippee! I'm still finding it a challenge to zigzag stitch all the pieces down - of those 20, I've still got 8 to zigzag stitch. The key is to use big scraps and straight edges, neither of which my kids seem to interested in. ;)

Project Y - Last week I showed you what I was contemplating for the backing. 

Below is the result - I felt that piecing the squares into the background was going to be way more complicated than it was worth so I machine appliquéd the squares on the pieced background. The edges should fray up nicely once it is washed. Still unnamed. Maybe the name will come to me i…

La Vie est Belle Lundi - Life is Good Monday

Three things I'm grateful for today...

1. Micah's cuddles and kisses
2. Finally getting the laundry done and put away
3. The View

And...I finished the backing for Project Y! Yay! Now, I've really got to figure out the name because I want to try putting the label on this time before I machine quilt it.

I'm linking up to {Sew} Modern Monday on Canoe Ridge Creations for the first time...very cool blog so check it out!

Loving the Mug Rugs

I've been wanting to make a mug rug for a couple of months, but with one thing or another, it just wasn't happening. We're going to visit a long-time friend and his parents today and it occurred to me yesterday that mug rugs would make a lovely hostess gift. Wow, were they ever easy and quick to do!
I didn't have a lot of time to make them so I found some unused/partial Hidden Wells blocks from a previous quilt that I loved. I cut the blocks to 4" by 6" and added 1.5" border in two shades of green. After slapping on some batting and some scraps of the backing of that same project, I free motion quilted stippling on one and a paisley pivot on the other. I also managed to find some of the leftover binding for the same project! Clearly this project was meant to be -- two mug rugs in about an hour! Love those quick finishes.
And here they both are. I'm almost loathe to give these up, but I think Mrs. M will like them and put them to good use.

So much fo…

Works in Progress #8

Happy Wednesday! This week, it's been rainbows, rainbows, and more rainbows.

New Projects: I'm still holding off on any new projects. Willpower...still...holding, but weakening fast.

Completed Projects: Nada

Current Projects:
Bottled Rainbows (2) - We're doing some work on this everyday so the quilts are progressing nicely. We've completed the mosaics for 8 of Patrick's blocks and 4 of Daniel's blocks. The boys are having fun picking the scraps, telling me what shape they should be cut in and placing them in the square. We've added in some of my coordinating novelty fabrics, such as soccer players, stars, VW love bugs, aliens, etc. It's interesting to see which child picks which fabrics. Invariably, Daniel loses interest midway through the block so I'm having him pick the fun fabrics first and I do the fill in with the remaining scraps.

The challenge I'm having is actually finding the time to zigzag stitch all the pieces down. But, really, who needs…

Celebrating the 4th of July in Washington DC and Edwards Air Force Base

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. -The Declaration of Independence 4 of July, 1776.

Happy Independence Day to our neighbours to the south and northwest! I lived in the States for three years just after my husband and I got married. Our stay there gave me a whole new appreciation for the country and its people. We have fond memories of celebrating Canada Day and July 4th with our new friends in Boston. In honour of its Independence Day, I thought I'd check out some blogs from the States. Now Quilting Bloggers lists 3077 blogs for the United States! 3077! Um, yeah, let's make it a little more manageable, shall we? Since I looked at the capital city of Canada for Canada Day, how about we look at the lovely District of Columbia (Washington DC)? I also want to look at the Armed Forces Americas blogs because I …

Welcome to Canada! Bienvenue au Canada!

It's Canada Day here so in it's honour, I'm going to welcome you and show you around Ottawa, where I live, and show you a bit of the quilting scene here (well, what I know of it). Ottawa is the capital city of Canada so, as you can imagine, Canada Day is a big deal here. Very. Big. Deal. The downtown streets around our Parliament Buildings are closed to traffic, but are packed with pedestrians.

It's a huge party with red and white everywhere you look!
I have to say that I'm even more excited for Canada Day this year because we're having a BBQ with some friends later today (with fireworks - the whole shebang! Sorry, bad pun.). I'm also excited about it this year because the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are here! There is no way I'm going downtown today to brave those crowds so I packed up the munchkins and went with a friend to Rideau Hall to see the Duke and Duchess yesterday. So fun! Both were so gracious with the crowd. The Duke gave a brief speech a…